Monday, 8 September 2014

Ganesh Visarjan Miravnuk In Pune 2014

Pune : Ganpati festival is celebrated all over Maharashtra and Ganesh visarjan processions are carried in all cities but Ganpati Visarjan Procession in Pune is a different experience altogether. Witnessing the Pune dhol is an outstanding experience.

Ganesh Festival was started by Lokmanya Tilak back in the British Rule right here in Pune and hence this city has a significant value for this festival. There are 5 Ganesh idols (Marathi Translation: Manache Ganpati) those are honored prior to others; them being the oldest ones as below

1] Kasba Ganpati
2] Tambadi Jogeshwari
3] Guruji Talim
4] Tulsibaug
5] Kesariwada

So visiting these 5 idols would be the ideal marathi way to start with; if thats what you are planning to.

Around 2800 Ganesh Mandals that performed visarjan in 2 days.

Pune Ganpati Miravnuk

A lot of Marathi people celebrate the festival at their homes in a traditional way which I find is quite different from the public celebrations. So if you can go to somebody's home, you'll get to see the "Marathi way".

If you happen to be in Pune, go to ABC or any place near Dagdu Sheth Ganpati. The energy there is incomparable to anything you will ever feel.

It is filled with performances and the temple is decorated and magnificent in the night. 

Dhol-tasha troup performance during Ganesh Visarjan Miravnuk

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया !!!!!